Kitesurfing Mastichari,Kos

The Kitesurfing Center  is situated directly on the  Horizon Beach Resort (MASTICHARI) on the North West coast of Kos,were Beginner and Intermediate Kitesurfing and Windsurfing can find ideal condition to improve and enjoy the spot! Just go down to the beach  and pump up the Kite using our compressor and head straight out on the water.

We Have a multilingual team of IKO/VDWS instructors can provide lessons with radio headsets!

We also rent the latest Duotone Equipment!

The Wind in the our spot is usually on shore/side on shore from the right in the morning-the traditional Meltemi direction,and then in the afternoon often turn and blows more from the West.

No Wind in the Center? No Problem, we have a second spot, Horizon Kitesurfing Alykes were the wind become stronger! The conditions are excellent and highly recommended to the Kiters.



NOTE: We Rent KItesurfing equipment only to people who have VDWS/IKO certificate with a minimum VDWS 4 or IKO 3j.

If there is no certificate, it is possible to verify the skills and issue a license by the instructor.

This system is ensure customer safety as well to reassure the school that borrowers are capable of handling the equipment.

Check the details of the price list now!


Kitesurfen Kos Horizon Surfing Greece
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Kitesurfing  Kos Horizon Surfing Mastichari,Greece

Horizon Kitesurfing Kos Greece
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