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Horizon Kitesurfing in Kos

Kitesurfing School Kos Mastichari

The Horizon Surfing and Kitesurfing Center is located directly on the white sandy beach of Mastichari,Kos next to the Hotel Horizon Beach Resort**** at Troulos Beach in the north coast of the Greek island of Kos. The island of Kos is located in the southeast of the archipelago of the Dodecanese, northeast of the island of Rhodes and only a few kilometres west of the Turkish coast near Bodrum... The expansive bay in front of the Horizon Surfing and Kitesurfing Center offers an excellent area for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing,SUP and catamaran Lesson, both for beginners and for advanced skills. Learn Kitesurfing with our expert instructors.Beginner and intermediate courses are conducted in semi-private mode (max2 students) to progress rapidly next to your intructor.If you wish,you can take a private course too.The spot is located in the catchment area of the Meltemi, which is a mix with thermal winds on the north coast and promises  very good wind during the summer months. The wind blows in the summer months mostly slanted onshore of Northwest. Around noon, the local thermals and Meltemi will increase the strength to 4-6 winds. The waves can then be up to 1.5 m high. Further information about our center, the rental material and the kite lesson Kos you can find on these pages.We are looking forward to welcome you at our beautiful spot. Kitesurf lesson kos mastichari learn kitesurfing with us!

Your Horizon Surfing and Kitesurfing Kos Team!

           Peppe, Silvana and Mike