Wing Foiling Kos

A Wing Foiling lesson in Horizon Surfing Kos is a thrilling experience for anyone interested in water sports. The lesson takes place on the stunning beaches of Kos and involves learning how to use a wing, a board, and a foil to fly above the water.

The lesson at Horizon Surfing Kos starts with an introduction to the equipment and a brief safety overview. The instructor then demonstrates how to control the wing, and the student is given the chance to try it out for themselves. The wing is designed to be light and easy to handle, making it perfect for beginners.

The instructor then takes the student through the basics of foiling, teaching them how to control the board and the foil, and how to make the wing lift off the water. As the student becomes more comfortable with the wing, the instructor gradually increases the speed and the height of the foil.

The feeling of gliding above the water is truly unforgettable, and the student is able to take in the stunning surroundings of Kos while enjoying the thrill of wing foiling. The instructor is there to provide guidance and support throughout the lesson, ensuring that the student is safe and enjoying the experience.

By the end of the lesson, the student has a good understanding of wing foiling and is able to make progress on their own. This is a unique and exciting way to enjoy the waters of Kos, and is suitable for anyone looking for an adventure.

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Wing Foil VDWS Lessons

Are you passionate about Wingsurfing and Wingfoiling? Are you motivated?

Learn with a professional VDWS wingfoil Instructors.

Spot Mastichari/Alykes, Kos

We offer a two Different spots! for all the levels, Main Spot at Horizon Surfing Mastichari and Alykes. Best gear from Fanatic, Duotone


At Horizon Surfing are equipped with the latest Duotone and Fanatic Wing foil gear. No matter if you already know how to Wing Foil and are looking to rent equipment from us, or if you like to learn this new and fascinating sport. Our Center and Instructors are looking forward to welcome you!