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Kitesurfing School Horizon Surfing Kos

The Horizon Surfing Center works according to VDWS, standards and safety rules. In our trainings we use the latest Duotone kites from 2019, as well as their boards, bars, etc.  The wide sandy beach, a shallow entry area of about 50 m and the side onshore wind offer the best conditions to learn the sport. But also experts will have fun at this spot, riding waves and jumping is guaranteed here.

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Beginner kitesurf lesson Horizon Surfing Kos
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The center has kites of the brands Duotone 2019 und between 4 sqm and 18 sqm.

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Kitesurfing Horizon Surfing Duotone

Boards with a size of 130/38 up to 160/45 are available. The beginner's lessons begin with the usual safety instructions and the design of the kite. After a beach unit, where you first practice to fly and stir the kite, you go into the shallow water, where you can best implement the basics,that you learned on the beach.

Safety is also important in water. Relaunch  the kite and Selfrescue are practiced extensively.The goal of the course is of course   first rides over the sea. Upon completion of the course an VDWS kiteboarding license can be purchased.   The detailed health program can be found under the following VDWS. If you want to learn about the firts moves(Kiteloop, Backroll ,FOILING ecc.) after the beginner couses,Horizon Kitesurfing Kos is the right pleace for you! 

kitesurfing in kos Horizon Surfing
Kitesurfing at Horizon Surfing Kos