Horizon Surfing Kos is situated directly on the beach at Horizon Beach Resort (Mastichari) on the north west coast of Kos, where beginner and intermediate kitesurfers can find ideal conditions to improve and enjoy the spot!

The wind in the our center is usually onshore/side-on shore from the right in the morning – the traditional Meltemi direction, and then often turns and blows more from the west in the afternoon, becoming side/side-onshore from the left. Ideal … and always perfectly safe.

The wind is lighter in the morning when the majority of beginner courses take place, making the spot also great for entry levels to practice. The wind gradually intensifies through the day and gives way with a bit more swell and small waves close to the shore in the afternoon. Whether you like to improve your basic skills, just cruise along on any type of board or practice the latest freestyle move, you have found the ideal playground !

The kiting area is large and safe, and there is dedicated baywatch and rescue service free of charge.The Horizon Surfing Center works according to VDWS, standards and safety rules. In our lessons we use the latest Duotone kites from 2019, as well as their boards, bars, etc.  The wide sandy beach, a shallow entry area of about 50 m and the side onshore wind offer the best conditions to learn the sport. But also experts will have fun at this spot, riding waves and jumping is guaranteed here.